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Residential Treatment

Provides 24/7 treatment for youth and adolescents with a variety of mental health, attachment, and/or substance abuse issues; who demonstrate self-injurious and aggressive behaviors; and/or have moderate to severe autism.

Residential Treatment

Provides 24/7 treatment for youth and adolescents with a variety of mental health, attachment, and/or substance abuse issues; who demonstrate self-injurious and aggressive behaviors; and/or have moderate to severe autism.

On-campus Therapeutic Intervention

Sometimes this is your last hope in helping your child. Interventions such as school-based and outpatient counseling have not been successful in treating maladaptive behavior. Or maybe there is a crisis or need for intensive therapeutic treatment. At Bellefaire JCB, we offer several distinct residential programs located in secure units on our 32-acre campus. Our programs are accredited by The Joint Commission are specifically ideal for individuals who have: 

  • Significant mental health and psychiatric needs
  • Demonstrated self-injurious, risk-taking and aggressive behaviors
  • Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse
  • Experienced trauma or have attachment issues
  • Been victims of commercial sexual exploitation
  • Moderate to severe autism and developmental disorders

Our Team

Residential services are led by a multidisciplinary treatment team that includes dually-trained licensed mental health/AOD clinicians, child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, registered nurses, board-certified behavioral analysts and residential milieu staff. 


Our programs include individual and group therapy, partial hospitalization, psychological evaluation, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring as indicated, and chemical dependency assessment and treatment. Nursing and routine medical care are provided on our campus. 

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The Reserve School

While in Residential Treatment, students attend The Reserve School on Bellefaire's campus. The school fills a unique need for highly clinical and therapeutic treatment in a small setting coupled with substantive special education programming.

A chartered, nonpublic school for grades 6-12, the program offers core classes and electives with a focus on life skills, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving. Our three classrooms include 10 students, one interventionist and two educational aides. The Reserve School takes a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to address the individual needs of each student, building upon their strengths as they progress through treatment in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) residential milieu.

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Anti-Bullying Policy


Intensive Treatment

Our two secured, self-contained, co-ed treatment complexes serve youth ages 11 through 17 who have acute crises and persistent and/or prolonged and pervasive behavioral problems.

Program Highlights

  • Short-term treatment for youth with prolonged behavioral problems
  • Residential therapeutic milieu, on-campus staff psychiatry, and psychological testing
  • Clients receive individual and specialized group therapy
  • Family therapy and support
  • Fully accredited educational programming provided
  • Peer leadership council

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Services include individual and group therapy, partial hospitalization, psychological and psychiatric evaluation, and chemical dependency assessment and treatment

Co-occurring Treatment

This residential treatment program is for individuals ages 11 through 17 who have co-occurring substance abuse and mental health diagnoses. With certification from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) for residential alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment, Bellefaire JCB is uniquely positioned to provide treatment to individuals with a primary AOD need and who have related mental health issues.

Program Highlights

  • Provides individual, group and family substance abuse and behavioral health treatment
  • Supports sustained sobriety and relapse prevention
  • Teaches anger and stress management skills
  • Provides linkage to the 12-Step Community, where appropriate, and after care services including intensive in-home treatment
  • Certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Todd's Story

When 14-year old Todd aimed for the basket and yelled “slam-dunk!” the points scored registered well beyond the basketball court. The fact that Todd could successfully participate in a team sport, plus have a group of friends to play with, was not in his playbook when he arrived on Bellefaire JCB’s residential campus two years ago.

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Crisis Stabilization and Assessments

Our Critical Care Stabilization and Assessment unit is an alternative to a psychiatric hospital. This program is available 24/7 for emergency mental health or co-occurring mental health/substance abuse issues. The co-ed four-bed mental health unit serves youth ages 8 through 17 and provides a safe, highly supervised and supportive environment that facilitates intensive, individualized, and short-term therapeutic services.


Each client receives risk assessment and diagnosis, crisis intervention and stabilization, and medication assessment. An initial psychiatric evaluation and stabilization needs assessment guides the child’s stay and discharge planning will begin at admission in cooperation with the placing agency to move youth as appropriate to less restrictive levels of care as their immediate condition improves.

Program Highlights

  • Highest staff-to-client ratio of any of our programs
  • On-site team consists of board certified pschiatrists and advanced degreed residential supervisors
  • Round-the-clock care for medication administration, monitoring of side effects and medical education
  • Individualized educational tutoring

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Monarch Boarding Academy (MBA) is a co-ed therapeutic residential treatment program for individuals with Autism ages 8 through 20. The program focuses on developing communication and life skills so residents can learn how to function better – allowing them to return home or to a less-restrictive setting. Residents live in secure, home-like cottages based on peer relationship skill sets.

This program is designed and staffed to enhance social, behavioral, communicative, functional, and academic growth. Each resident’s day, from wake-up to bedtime, is highly structured and consistent. All activities – from personal grooming to group meal preparation to recreation – are designed to complement classroom experiences at Monarch School. Residential and school staff coordinate behavioral and education plans to ensure consistency in both settings, thereby leading to greater and accelerated gains.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Placement and assessment process includes visit and tour, interviews with the child and parents/guardian by treatment team, and a individualized transition plan
  • Residential Service Plan and IEP integrated and coordinated for increased progress and better outcomes
  • Continual data collection with results integrated into the treatment plan and inclusion of parents throughout treatment
  • Residents attend Monarch School and enjoy positive peer model interactions

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Miriam's Story

Miriam is a nonverbal resident at Monarch Boarding Academy. But the active 16-year-old does not lack for self-expression. “When Miriam signals on her SMART board that she is having a “Potato Emergency,” we know exactly what she means.

Independent Living

This is a community-based program for ages 17 through 20 that teaches independent living skills. Participants in this program are at risk for homelessness or have been homeless in the past. A goal is to prevent future involvement with the criminal justice or child welfare system by increasing protective factors and descreasing risk. Upon admission, each client is assessed by a social worker and a service plan is developed, which include individual case management, mental health services, and alcohol and drug treatment. Clients are required to adhere to several criteria including:

  • Attend school regularly
  • Maintain a job or vocational program
  • Live within an established budget
  • Remain drug and alcohol free

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