Early Childhood Education

Offering an Ohio Step Up To Quality 5-star rated early childhood program for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, and an intensive therapeutic intervention preschool for children ages 3 to 6 years old with autism.

Early Childhood Education

Offering an Ohio Step Up To Quality 5-star rated early childhood program for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, and an intensive therapeutic intervention preschool for children ages 3 to 6 years old with autism.

JDN 5-Star Preschool

JDN Early Childhood Center offers quality, full-day, year-round programming for children six weeks to five years old. In the fall of 2014 JDN became one of the first early childhood programs to earn Ohio’s Step Up To Quality’s 5-star rating. At JDN we foster academic readiness, confidence, self-control, creativity and a love of learning while our team of educators and staff attend to the social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of young children.

JDN teachers hold associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education or a related field, and most of our teachers have been at JDN for many years. We have staff who speak Russian and Spanish for children who speak English as a second language. Our small classroom ratios – 10:1 Preschool Program, 7:1 Toddler Program and 5:1 Infant  – allow for individualized attention and the opportunity for children to feel secure and comfortable. Our diverse population helps in the development of self-awareness, respect and acceptance of other people and cultures.

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Madeline's Story

From the moment 4-year-old Madeline walked into the classroom there was no doubt where the action was going to be that year. This delightfully energetic and creative child had a strong personality.

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JDN Curriculum

The programming at JDN is enhanced with enrichment classes including music, art and natural science. Literacy, fundamental math and physical development are interwoven throughout the curriculum. Our goals are to promote intellectual curiosity, foster a love of learning and create an atmosphere in which children feel that their teachers respect and validate their interests. The children gain critical kindergarten readiness skills through social play, computers and a variety of other activities in an atmosphere where each individual child is challenged and relationships are the focus. Our ultimate goal is for children to feel joy in learning and pride in their efforts and accomplishments.

Jewish Culture

Although JDN is a Jewish school, it is not a religious school. Serving a diverse population, we leave religious instruction to parents and instead teach about Jewish holidays, traditions and values. To show respect and appreciation for all cultures in our school population, we encourage children to share their families’ special traditions. Both Jewish and national holidays are discussed in terms of reflecting the events and values they represent.

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Benjamin's Story

Benjamin's Story “If someone had told me a year ago that Benjamin would be able to speak in short sentences, engage in cooperative play, and ask for help, I would never have believed it, “ said Marissa, Benjamin’s mother.

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Monarch Preschool for Autism

Monarch Preschool is an intensive therapeutic intervention program for children ages 3 to 6 with a suspected or confirmed Autism diagnosis. We provide individualized instruction in a supportive environment that fosters meaningful communication and primary school readiness. The program runs five days a week, 10 1/2 months a year. Students may attend full day or half-day (morning or afternoon). 

A provider for Ohio Department of Education’s Autism Scholarship Program, we use a combination of concept-driven language instruction, visual supports, technology and Applied Behavior Analysis that complements the treatment method (e.g. TEACCH, Floor Time, Pivotal Response Training, Early Start Denver Model) most appropriate for each child.

Each student receives individual instruction from a team including an intervention specialist, speech and occupational therapists, behavior specialist, music and art therapists, and associate teachers. The curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards. Classes are taught in a natural environment and address social and play skill development, language-based communication, executive functioning, pre-academic skills, activities of daily living, fine and gross motor and imitation skills, sensory intervention, and behavioral support.

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