Michael and Chris


Dear Birthparent:

From the start, please know that we respect the decision you are preparing to make.  We are both grateful and hopeful that your decision will allow our family to grow once again.  

For us, the idea of adoption is not a new one.  In addition to having previously adopted our first child, Michael has a brother, sister, and cousins who have been adopted.  We know through his family firsthand the benefits and struggles of adoption.  One of the biggest points for us though, in having a family with two dads, is that we never wanted to hide the identity of a birthmother.  We will raise our child to always know who you are and how unselfish you were to make the plan you did.  And we will establish a level of openness that we can both be comfortable with and that would be beneficial to our child.

We both come from very supportive and loving families, most of which lives extremely close to us.  As you get to know us, we hope that you find both of us as being two driven, life loving, well grounded, and family oriented people.  We understand the struggle that some go through searching for an identity.  As parents, we focus on raising our child and any additional children to become the best human beings possible using the gifts that they have been given.  We want our children to love life as much as we do. 

Both of us have always dreamed of having a family with children.  We do not take the idea of being parents lightly.  We look forward to all of the great times we will have as a family and we are also prepared for the hard times. 

Three years ago, we were extremely blessed to be chosen by a birthmother and through this we feel that our life was given new meaning.  We are hopeful that again, our lives can be enriched even further by the addition of another child.  After learning about us - we hope you have confidence in our ability to raise your child and provide him or her a life full of love and opportunity.  

Michael and Chris