Jen and Ryan

Dear Birthparents,

It is nearly impossible to express through a letter what the blessing of a child would mean to our family. We are so grateful to you for considering adoption and know this is a very difficult time for you. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. 

The two of us met online in 2010, and after two weeks of emailing and talking on the phone, we went out on our first date, with many more to follow. We both share a love for travel and music, and this initially attracted us to each other. We were pleased to learn we were only five days apart in age. (Jen is always telling people Ryan is her younger man.) We married in 2014 and purchased our first home – selection a neighborhood that would be great for a family. We love to travel, watch movies, go outside, and talk about nothing and everything. We are a laid-back couple who enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, and we excel at making sure we eat enough vegetables. We both are so happy to have found each other and every day we love, support and advocate for one another. We want to open our relationship and home to a child who will enjoy that same understanding, love and support.

It feels like we have been waiting forever to become parents. We have often found ourselves talking about places we would love to share with our future child. After struggling with infertility, we are so thankful adoption is an option for us to grow our family and welcome a child to our home. Our family has been touched by adoption – Jen’s sister made an adoption plan for her daughter. The adoption was not an open adoption, much to the sadness of Jen. When the time is right, we are looking forward to meeting this young woman and welcoming her into our extended family. Ryan has a cousin who is adopted and is a beloved member of the family. Two of Jen’s closes friends are adoptees who have never met their birth parents. We feel it is important for a child to know his or her whole story, just as it is important for you to know your child is in a safe, secure and loving home. We embrace the idea of openness and would love for the child to have the opportunity to connect with his or her extended birth family.

We are ready to open our hearts and our home to a child unconditionally. Please know if you choose us, we will be raising your child in a home filled with love and laughter. We will never take for granted the selfless sacrifice you have made or the strength it took for you to make this decision.

With much love and the deepest respect,

Jen and Ryan