Posted by Bellefaire JCB on April 08, 2016

Parents: When You Talk They Listen

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Parents: When You Talk They Listen

Based on studies in Northeast Ohio, eight out of 10 teens think that tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use are wrong. Most kids make the right choice thanks to parents, guardians and other trusted adults. Studies show that your kids are looking for - and listening to - what you have to say. Below are some tips to help you stay connected.

  • Even when teens push you away, don’t withdraw. They’re hearing more than you think.
  • Really listen while your teen talks. Repeat what you heard to check your understanding.
  • Don’t lecture. Avoid immediate questions and advice. Communicate with respect.
  • Express your disapproval of alcohol, tobacco, drug use and other risk behaviors and share your expectations about making healthy choices.
  • Model the behaviors you’d like to see.

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