Holiday Gift Program

If have any questions about our Holiday Gift Program, please contact Jill Sadowsky at 216.320.8483 or

Children's Wish Lists are Now Available!

Gifts are due by December 7 so they can be distributed on time.

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Most children ask for the hottest new toy or technology for the holidays. Children at Bellefaire ask for things like coats and mittens.

Each year, the staff of Bellefaire JCB asks for help to ensure that the more than 1,500 children and youth in our care will receive a present during the holiday season. For many of these kids, it is the only gift they will receive.

Reading the wish lists that Bellefaire children and teens fill out with their therapists gives you a glimpse into the challenges they are facing at such young ages. Many of our clients have suffered heartbreaking abuse and have severe emotional and behavioral challenges. One teenager asked for “a family” on his list; another wished for “love.” Many children hope for school supplies and winter coats. You can’t help but worry about these children being cold in the severe Cleveland winter. About half of the requests are for gift cards. As many of our children live in poverty, the experience of having a $25 gift card and being able to walk into a store and choose an item to buy is a gift in itself.

How can you help?
Bellefaire JCB asks you to participate in our Holiday Gift Giving Program by purchasing a new gift ($20-$35 range) or gift card ($25) for children and youth in our care.

Please do not wrap the gift but, if you’d like, you may use a gift bag. The wish list must be attached to the gift. Donation receipt

Thank you for your kindness this holiday season!

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