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Residential Treatment / Counseling & Community Services / Autism Services / Adoption / Foster Care / Early Childhood Education / Youth Homelessness / Prevention & Early Intervention / Mentoring


At every stage of a child's life, Bellefaire JCB is there.

From JDN Early Childhood Center, to mentorship and relationship building through the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, to leadership and early intervention programming for teens at local schools through Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), and so much more through over 25 different programs.

Your donation enables us to continue providing the highest quality mental health services, educational opportunities, and enrichment programming that strengthens families and shapes confident, successful children.

Ways to Give

Bellefaire Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds

Create an endowed fund with a minimum of $5,000. You can select from any number of programs, services or special purposes to support Bellefaire JCB and make a lasting contribution to the agency's future. Your donation will continue to grow through reinvestment, as well as through additional contributions. Annual distributions are used to support the specified activity or purpose. Funds can be named as requested by the donor.

Bellefaire Securities


The best stocks to donate are those that have increased greatly in value, particularly those producing a low yield. In order to preserve tax advantages, it is critical that you transfer the physical securities to Bellefaire JCB rather than the proceeds from a sale.

Bellefaire Real Estate

Real Estate

If you own property that is not subject to a mortgage and has appreciated in value, a charitable gift may be an attractive option. You can claim an income tax deduction based upon the fair market value of the property you have owned for more than one year, avoid all capital gains taxes and remove that asset from your taxable estate. Or, you can transfer your home to us now and continue to use the property for life.

Gifts of Cash

Cash contributions are deductible as an itemized tax deduction in the year you make the donation, up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Excess charitable contributions can be carried forward for up to five additional years.

Planned Giving

Bellefaire Bequests


By including Bellefaire JCB as a beneficiary of your will, trust or codicil, you ensure that your memory will live on – both for those who will directly benefit from your generosity and for those who will be motivated by your example. Additionally, you can significantly reduce your estate taxes.

Bellefaire Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can contribute a life insurance policy to Bellefaire JCB by naming us either as the policy owner or simply as the beneficiary. If you name us as the owner and beneficiary, you will be entitled to an income tax deduction limited to the lower of the value of the policy or your cost basis in the contract. If you continue to pay premiums on a policy we own, you can deduct the premium payments.

Life Income Gifts

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts allow you to receive payments as a result of making a charitable gift. Depending upon your plan, payments will be fixed or variable and payable to you or other beneficiaries you choose. For example, you might create a charitable remainder trust to pay income to you for life and contribute money, stock or other property to it. Once placed in trust, the assets can be sold (without capital gains tax) and the proceeds reinvested to produce a higher yield. Life income gifts entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction, based on the present value of your gift.

Bellefaire The Monarch Society

The Monarch Society

The Monarch Society honors friends who have supported major projects, established a named fund with a minimum $5,000 commitment or arranged for a deferred gift. The Society received its name from Bellefaire JCB's emblem – the butterfly – a universal symbol for positive growth and change. Members' names are included in the membership roster and on the permanent display in Bellefaire JCB’s lobby. Additionally, there is an annual appreciation event for all members.

To learn more call our Development Team at (216) 320-8320

We welcome your inquires and look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.

Contact Director of Organizational Advancement
Bellefaire JCB
22001 Fairmount Boulevard
Shaker Heights, OH 44118
(216) 320-8320

Cash gifts can be made by either mailing a check made payable to Bellefaire JCB to the address or using our secure online donation form.

Todd's Story

When 14-year old Todd aimed for the basket and yelled “slam-dunk!” the points scored registered well beyond the basketball court. The fact that Todd could successfully participate in a team sport, plus have a group of friends to play with, was not in his playbook when he arrived on Bellefaire JCB’s residential campus two years ago.

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