Summer Autism Youth Counselor

  • Job Category: Direct Service Non-Licensed
  • Job Type: Part-Time

Employer - Job Profile

Bellefaire JCB is looking for Summer Youth Counselors to work in the Monarch Boarding Academy for children with autism. Our program provides an exciting opportunity to work with other professionals in an innovative program designed to respond specifically to the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum. The ideal Youth Counselor will be a part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are expected to provide the highest caliber of behavior-programming, data collection, therapeutic milieu, and instruction in individual and/or small group settings.

Responsibilities include: Implementing behavior management programs such as lesson plans, curriculum, or activities; Deliver planned and organized daily activities and routines to optimize treatment program and students learning; Protect students from physical and emotional harm emanating from themselves, others, or the environment; Properly handle emergencies such as injury, runaway and acting out situations; Strictly follow treatment guidelines in developing and fostering acceptable alternatives to non-communicative, negative, and/or destructive behavior; Teach and role model pro-social, mediation, and self-management skills; Care of students, which include supervising students when using restroom, during hygiene, care of sick students, assisting students with meals, management of students.

Must be at least 21 years old. Knowlede of autism spectrum disorders, child and adolescent development, and family dysfunction. 

Autism-Youth Counselor (2nd and 3rd shifts)